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    Home Science Lab

    Laboratory is a spacious room where in a group of students carry out their practical.
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    Library Lab

    Library is an integral part of any educational institution.
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    Computer Lab

    Basic computer literacy is important for success today.
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    Psychology Lab

    It is very important for a teacher to understand the psychology of students.
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    Language Lab

    Good communication skills are today a pre-requisite for any student providing him an edge in today's competitive world.
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    Technology Lab

    with the expansion of Science & Technology in all fields, it is necessary to have a Techno Lab in the field of education.


Pedagogical Inputs

  • Analyzing the Training Needs
  • Content analysis and task analysis
  • Simulation & Micro skills Practicing.
  • Conducting Case studies for slow learners.
  • Conducting Psychological tests.
  • preparing audio-visual aids from local resources.
  • Training for the purposeful use of multimedia & projective techniques.
  • Formative & summative evaluation with gradation techniques.
  • Lab work & project work

News & Events

  • SUPW camp:
  • A water conservation measure is an action
  • Child marriage :children are given in matrimony
  • Female Fetocide : Causing the death of the
  • Guest and Extension Lectures were
  • Activities for emotional and aesthetic development
  • Activities for physical development: